Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wool Blankets and Boogy Boards For All

Every vacation leads to frivolous purchases. Something overcomes us all in which we think we will wear a mirror-jeweled wrap or marijuana necklace somewhere outside the confines of the resort. We all know our judgement is clouded by the fruity drinks and sun-soaked skin -- we cannot be held responsible.

I am certain everyone who has been to Mexico has one of those god-forsaken wool sante-fe blankets. And if you were feeling saucy (much like I often feel) - you got two, cause it was buy one get one half off and even south of the border we all KNOW that is a deal. No one is judgin.

But on this particular vaca my brain is a little wilted by the sun's rays and my judgement is in a cloud of Panama Jack -- and those Boogy Boards seemed like as good of an idea as a sea shell wind chime. But regret is a painful enemy. Soon the grand idea that these Boards might allow for a moment's piece and quiet for me to close my eyes and sip a fruity umbrella drink -- were squandered. Cause I heard "Maaaaaa? Come help me!"With that I rolled over, hiccuped and batted my eyelashes at Indiana Jones. It had no affect. So I pretended I was asleep and soon he was out in the ocean...being fatherly....while I lost my Mom of the Year award -- again.
And, as with everything IJ's athletic hands touch, it was a success.
And I heard giggles and squeals and fun for all.
Yeahhhh Daddy..... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.....zzzzzzz.
All was good and glorious and the angels sang forth in praises....until....until....until....There was a near drowning. Then, it all went to hell in a hand basket. Here his cute yet persistent little self came. And he wanted momma. And he was using those eyes and those curls and he was not taking no for an answer.
Fine. Fine. Fine. But I am not getting my hair wet. Amen.
So off my awkward, can't-chew-gum-and-walk self went out into the ocean to most certainly endanger my child's life and alter the ecosystem with the likes of my massive Dr Pepper lipgloss application.But he asked for it. That is all I am sayin.Soon I heard IJ a hollering, "Honey? Honey? HOOOONNNNEEEYYYY?!??!?! YOU ARE DROWNING MT! HE IS UNDER THE BOARD." Ugh. Details Schmetails.
Mmmmkay -- the first forty eleven tries did not end up so well. Lord have mercy on our dear sweet salt water souls. But these spawn of mine are resilient, right?Hello? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
After many apologies and negotiations, we were determined to try one last time....
Soon we saw the "perfect" wave coming....And being the good and wholesome mother that I am, I threw myself into it with everything I had, sacrificing for my child.... hair and all.
And....Uhm WHAT?!?!?!?!?
I'm MELTING.....I'm MELTING! But my precious son was kinda like almost successfully surfing.
And I now have to go look for a good deal on a jeweled swimsuit wrap or wool blanket. Cause these vaca purchases are awesome!

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