Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving iPhone

BT is the Cook in his Thanksgiving Play this year. Not be outdone by his older brother who played the stellar part of Lead Indian last year. And not to mention dear sweet ET who was a star in her musical last week.

It's amazing the depth of talent we have in the family. Who would have ever thought 3 children who have my blood coursing through their veins would ever have a flair for the dramatic -- so surprising and shocking I gasp as well.

Anyhoo -- BT is the cook in his school play today -- and in his words, "It doesn't end well fow the Twukey"

I just wuvs him.

Below you will be able to see for your viewing pleasure {ah hem, ah hem} his backstage (aka master bathroom) practice.

In which is vocal cords still needed a little warming up....he is his toughest critic.

The end salutation from BT also shows how much the poor sweet baby has an iphone stuck in his face. Bless his heart.

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