Friday, May 11, 2007

I Met Juan Valdez

My good friend Penny and I were on our way down to the basement to grab a bite to eat for lunch. We jumped into the elevator and I noticed a blonde-hair, blue-eye gentleman going down also. I had yet to meet this guy, but there were a lot of people I had not been introduced to yet at my new job. The doors opened and Penny looked at me and said, "This is Juan." In which I stuck out my hand and politley began the introduction ritual in which I have been so accustom to at my new job. "Hi Juan. I am Catherine." But instead of a friendly introduction, I got a strange glare. He did not shake my hand at all. I thought maybe he did not speak English.
So Penny quickly responds, "No Catherine. This in ONE. Floor ONE." Oh, my bad. We had not yet reached the basement destination. And, in fact, this gentleman was not Juan at all. (This explained the lack of ethnic flair I was looking for in a man named Juan.)
Well, didn't I feel silly!

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