Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reason for this Site

The reason I began this site was entirely selfish and ego-centric. I get these "dreams" -- some would call them obsessions, and I can think of nothing else. My life becomes consumed. Like the time I decided I wanted to sew all my children's clothing. I actually got a sewing machine. It has never left the box. And the time I wanted to move to Austalia -- I actually called the guy at an office building that I thought my husband could possibly work at, to see what the area was like. Who knows , his wife and I might become best friends. Why I also one time tried to clone myself to be like Victoria Osteen (Joel Osteen's wife) -- until she got kicked off that airplane. I choose to think the best of myself and simply say I am passionate. My husband, Indiana Jones, thinks they are passing fancies. He thinks I am a little eccentric. I see myself just as grounded as the next person. I just live in the moment.

My new passion is the country life. It seems so perfect -- so All-American. I grew up in the country. We lived in a small town (623 people). It was mainly a farming community. My dad and grandpa crop farmed and had cattle, pigs, and chickens. The cattle and pigs were sold off before I entered Jr High and we now share crop (rent our land to farmers for a percentage of the crop). Anyways, I am obsessed with moving to the country. I love the conveniences of the city, but I want to be a rancher's wife, on an executive's salary. I want to go on my back porch naked, I want to hang my towels on the clothes line in the backyard, I want to look all around and see no other houses, I want my sons to pee off the back porch and learn to spit. I want my daughter to whittle. I want to rise at 5:45 am and gather the eggs and milk the cows and prepare a hearty breakfast for my spawn -- okay, maybe not so much that part.

So the purpose of this blog is to see where this new passion takes me. I am riding this as far as it will go. I am planning, preparing, and waiting. Who week it may be England, but for now my dream is to be a country girl in Indiana. Enjoy this adventure with me.

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Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Nice blog.. thanks for stopping by mine;).

Thanks for the offer. I looked for an email address on your site, but couldn't find one. Sorry - I would't want to post my address in my comments!!