Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pool Rescue

So this morning shortly after 10 am we traveled to the neighborhood pool. The pool director told us there was a frog stuck in the pool somewhere. That was all the motivation my children needed. They were on a search – a search and rescue. Because we all know that frogs will die in a pool because they can’t breathe (according to my 9-year-old’s research, 2007). Soon, we spotted him. My eldest corralled him while my 2 babies were on the sidelines cheering on the frog, “You can do it!” “Come on, come on now big boy.” “Great job. Swim. Swim.” They were so concerned.
At last after many minutes of my daughter and I trying to “shew” him with the net. My three-year-old just reaches in and pulls him out. Oh yes, it seems so obvious and simple now, but at the time, in the midst of the battle, you would have panicked too. So the world is better now with baby-pool-frog-freed-from-chlorine-pee-water. Ah, we will all sleep better tonight.

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