Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Turtles in the Hood

I have always been sappy. I cry at movies. I even cried on Rambo, First Blood. It was so sad how they were treating him. I cry. I was so glad when they quit showing those AT&T commercials of the mom going to the beach with her kids instead of working. Oh, it touched my heart. Now it is the Integris commercials. I have to turn the channel. Right now I am teary-eyed thinking about it. The little boy is on his bike, he gets hit by a car – he donates his heart – ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Oh, it is touching, moving. Oh come on, you cry too! I just know it.

None of this has ever worried me. I am compassionate; yeah that is it, compassionate. I have a tender heart. I do dang it. No, no I am not a sissy. I have come to grips with this in my life.

But this morning, fear entered me when I discovered how far my compassion extends. I saw a box turtle crossing the road yesterday on one of the main roads. He was so slow. Dum dee dum dee dum. I glance his way and thought, “You better hurry up little brother.” It was like we grew up in the hood together. He was my homey!

Well, this morning to my dismay, I saw my home boy smashed on the road. Crushed. Broken into pieces. Trampled. Trodden. Flattened. Dead. I wept. How could I? How could I not stop and help him? I knew he was no match for the Hummers and SUVs. I saw him in despair and chose to look the other way! What kind of human am I? Oh the regret and guilt that are piled upon me. How shall I go on?

I made a vow right then and there to stop for all turtles and rescue them from their plight. I must never allow another turtle to suffer from such a quandary as home boy endured. (Of course, due to all the rain, I had to stop three times just this morning. Do you think Turtle Rescue is a sufficient excuse for being late to work? Maybe salmonella will be.)

I will speak out! I will care! Turtles in the hood unite!


"Mom, he loves Gucci not coochie" said...

I have had situations like that and I am glad that someone is standing up for our turtle friends. I salute you my turtle saving friend. That will be your new Indian name and you will belong to the tribe Slapahoe. Hooow....

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