Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brush My Teeth

I love having boys. Here are my two precious, all American boys in the front yard last night. They made a discovery!

A young boy's dream. A frog. Now you would think my boys would just reach down and grab it. I mean we did grab a dying frog from the pool, pick up a box turtle and even snake. But frogs take much more care and detail.

We had to pull out the ever so manly gloves. All I am saying is that it takes a secure, grounded, young man to wear pink gardening gloves. Who is this child's mother?

The gloves just were not cuttin it. We had to pull the gloves off. We were all about business. Soon, the phone rang and I went inside, locked myself in my bedroom, stuffed a towel under door, barricaded the door, and had a normal conversation with my friend. What? This is not a normal routine for you? Soon I heard knock and a sweet, "Momma?" It was this precious boy.

"What my sweet, precious angel?" "Can you brush my teeth?" "I sure can, why?" "Because the frog pee peed in there." Gag!

Disclaimer: My husband later denied this allegation. Truth or cover-up? You decide.


Tiger Lamb Girl said...

The boys are SO cute!!!! I have a little boy too and he's a doll. I wish I had more boys!

Thanks again for the goodies;). My husband especially thanks you since he ate two sandwiches made with Tony C's last night;).

Anonymous said...

I was SO happy that I saw my Jackson and Cooper today(and their Mommy too) at the Zoo. I have missed(and their Mommy too) them since im in Pre-K now. You really have some beautiful babies(even though you know that)and you should be so proud.