Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brain Freeze

My kids love Popsicles. They indulged last weekend at a party.

My baby had 2.

My middle spawn had 4.

My oldest, responsible daughter had only one.

Then, we noticed my baby eating one he found in the landscaping. A little dirt never hurt, right?

But all that was forgotten when my middle child got a brain freeze.

Oh, the lessons of life.

1 comment:

Pepper said...

Oh my the last picture is beyond great! Popsicles and summer go hand in hand.

I am Pepper from Little House, thank you for your comment. We are still in Indiana and will have to stay for a couple more weeks. I don't know what trouble we will find but we will find it, take pictures of it, and laugh about it until the next time we find trouble.