Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mammoth Imagination

I love going to the history museum. We traveled down south today to visit. Because I have such young spawn, we time everything to the utmost. We definitely do not want to squeeze it too close to nap time. We drove 30 minutes and arrived at the hour before it opened. A good mom would have checked the hours before arriving, but it was me instead. So we did what all average moms would do, we went to McDonald's Play land for an hour. We then arrived at the museum AT NAP TIME!!!

They had a scavenger hunt going on that day, so we found all the answers and then we were off to "play" for 10 minutes for leaving. My kids have this traditional game they play.

My daughter pretends she is being attacked by a mammoth. Ready to get crushed by its mighty step... Until her mighty brave caveman comes to her rescue...

Would Indiana Jones save me if a mammoth attacked? I think he would react more like my baby.

Notice how my baby stands back and airs on the side of caution. He is such a safety conscience child. I am sure he would step in if anything went wrong. He's ready to call 911 at any moments notice.

He is even safety oriented during his dinosaur dig.

Where does this kid come from?

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Julie said...

Cute pictures.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouraging words. I feel strangely good about things right now. I don't know if it is that peace that passes understanding or if this chapter is not yet closed. Either is acceptable, but I am hoping for the latter!