Monday, July 23, 2007


Jeter came into our lives as a precious little 8 pound puppy. He was so cute and perfect for our 18 month old child. He came home with us when our baby was 5 days old. He was the sweetest thing ever.
My middle child played with him so much. They shared everything. He entertained my middle boy when I had to "take care of the baby."

Then he grew up - to a 96 pound horse. He still babysits for me and loves my babies.

What happened to my cute little puppy? Will my baby grow up this fast too?
You can tell what a sweet dog he is. I love you, Jeter. He is precious!


Charity Grace said...

We have a sweet lab who has been this kind of pet for us too. Jeeter is so cute!

photo_chiq said...

I love labs. I just rescued one from the humaine society a few months ago. He is now 8 months old and although the sweetest little thing ever we are still trying to teach him manners... like not barking at us when we are eating... or chewing us out of bed in the morning. But he is so much fun and we love him to no end! Jeeter is a beautiful dog even as cute as a grown up as a pup.

Julie said...

We have one of those. His name is Isaiah and he is a mere 85 pounds. He is the love of my son's life and mine for being that. Every boy needs a dog.