Monday, August 27, 2007

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Big news time...drum roll please. I cannot imagine anyone being interested in this mundane life of mine, but for those who must plow on..those who have nothing else to do...those without it goes.

Indiana Jones resigned from his job. No more the whip-wielding archaeologist work for him. He is hanging up his hat. To do what? We do not know. I am actually so proud of him. He feels like God has something for us. I believe he hears from God, and I am willing to follow him wherever he leads. I am riding this out...just please not to the the Temple of Doom. I hate snakes! We are Raiders of the Lost Ark, on the search for our Holy Grail. I am excited. Mainly because I get to stay with my whip-wielding archaeologist. That is what he uses on me sometimes to keep me in line. I think this might be our Last Crusade.

So we put our house up for sale (more on this later). I went to Lowe's with my oldest child to buy a For Sale By Owner sign. As we were checking out the cashier energetically asked, "So you are selling your house?" My daughter had begun her anger-step in this process of acceptance and hurled back, "Yes, my dad quit his job, now we are leaving our church, and Lord knows where we will end up." I looked down at my sign, grabbed my receipt and ran. She was somewhere behind me, I hoped. Who knows what that cashier thought. But I know my daughter needs her space to express her feelings. I decided to give her time.

On the way home I asked her where she would like to eat lunch. Nothing like a little mother/daughter time to put things in perspective.

"So where would you like to eat sweetheart?"
"Burger King."
"Last time we went to Burger King it was closed."
"Maybe they all quit their jobs like my dad."

I think we might need therapy.


chocolatechic said...

Poor sweetheart.......

My dad is a pastor, and every time we moved I was angry.

I ended up going to 5 different high schools in high school 3 different states. The last being 2 months of my senior year in one state and the last 7 in a different state. Life is cruel sometimes.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

yes...pray for us. she is precious and i do not want her to get angry with god. she is too important and has too big of a plan.