Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Baby Turned Two!

My baby is anything but "typical." He has always been the one to hate loud noises, have utter disdain for water, and little interest in crowds or what we would consider "fun." So, it was no surprise that his birthday was anything but typical.
We sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake within 10 minutes of everyone arriving. The suspense of the toy car could be contained no longer. Since the cake had arrived at 5 pm, squeals, moans, wails, and gnashing of teeth were heard from miles away. He blew out the candles without much excitement or even a smile.
Then we spoke my baby's love two spoons!We then opened some gifts that were snatched away by older brother. Never fear, nap time will arrive with revenge.These are my 2-year-old's friends. Not your typical Mother's Day Out crew. But nonetheless, this is who he loves, admires, looks up to, and has wrapped around his little finger. This is his posse, crew, gang, group, buds, homeboys. When it was all said and done, he was all tuckered out. Not typical for a two-year-old. But my baby is anything but typical.

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Kila said...

He is beautiful! Happy Birthay to him!

He is indeed a special boy, and, thanks to my boys, I totally understand him :)