Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

For the past six months my hair color has changed more often than my panties (not literally mom). I cannot decide if I like to be blonde...Here I am at a conference last week. I like to play like I am in the corporate world. I thought my snazzy jacket might camouflage the fact that I have no clue what I am talking about, but have I mentioned my cute jacket? This is one of the distracting moves I used last week...

"Excuse me, can you tell me the difference between Independent Learning and Cluster Groups?"
"Why have you seen the new fall collection at Georgiou? Fabulous darling, just fabulous."

They were all preoccupied with the new fall fashion they forgot about work. Priceless darling, priceless.

Here is IJ and I when we worked together. How did I ever get anything done with this hot, whip wielding man around?

Here is my brunette side.... This is me in my pigtail self before I went to a pool party. What 30 something woman still wears pigtails??? and to a pool party? I am so in a mid-life crisis!

Here is my baby and me on my 100 thread count sheets....Nothing but luxury for me. We could have more money for sheets, but I find it necessary to change my hair color every 8.7 days. Kids eating three times a day is overrated in my opinion. I am trying to fight childhood obesity through hair fashion!

Here is IJ and I at work again, he looks scared of my hair. Or maybe he saw the Discover bill that showed how much I spent on my hair. Either way, not a happy look.

Or should I go to the dark side?
This is at the Girls Conference I put of the highlights of my life. We all had make-overs and a GREAT time. I spoke...people listened. Just call me E.F. Hutton!

Here I am at Olive Garden...people thought I was Goth..."I AM NOT A CUTTER!" I screamed and ran away crying.

What do you think? Vote...Blonde, Brunette, or Dark?

I have had many people mention that they cannot comment me. I think I have resolved this issue. Everyone should be able to comment. Click on the comment button right below, write your vote in the box, click "other", type your name, submit.... You can also comment anonymously and then just sign your name at the bottom. If you run into errors, call me, send me hate mail, just don't stop reading, the Goth in me needs you....sniff sniff!


Anonymous said...

I like the pigtail look. It is really the Catherine i know.


Aunt B~ said...

I like the pigtail best. the black makes you look like the wicked witch of the East or was it west or South, Mayv=be North. Oh, well , whichever one the house fell one.

chocolatechic said... look the most natural that way.

Patricia Stuever said...

I like #2 and #4 best.

Anonymous said...

Natural the way God made it is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

I personally like your Dad's comment: "Natural the way God made it" -- does he remember what that looks like? How long has it been since you had it the natural color? I like it in constant change. But I personally like it best blonde -- but not too blonde -- how about a shade darker than real blonde but not as dark as it was in the Goth picture. H

Country Girl At Heart said...

I would say whatever your natural color is as well. For the very same reason your Dad mentioned. By the way you look great. Not a day over 20. Thnaks for stopping by

stephanee said...

I like all your colors but I will always remember you as a blonde.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

The blonde and brunette are both cool... But I suppose I will officially vote for brunette since I fall into that category as well. :) (And I figured a vote would be a good time to "De-lurk" ;) )

lisa said...

I like the blonde myself. But you know that Dad knows best!