Monday, September 24, 2007

Holy Jiggleage, Batman!

There are times in your life when you are confident, flying-high, sure of yourself, secure in the skin you are in, and then there are moments like these. Moments that in one microsecond turn everything that you believe to be good and beautiful about yourself, into shattered misconceptions laying broken on the floor of your ego. This is one of those moments.

I was getting out of the shower the other morning and ran into my closet to get ready. In the middle of this routine, my daughter had slipped into the room. Is there no sacred time anymore? When you become a mom do you throw away any chance of solitude? Do you sign over all right to have privacy? In my house you do. As soon as the door is closed and locked, children want in. In turns from, "Momma? Maaammmmaaa?" Into, "Maaaammmmaa, I neeeeeddd you….pllllllleeeeeease,!" sniffle sniffle. Solitude, seclusion, and quiet retreats are things of the past. As it was this morning.

When I returned from my closet dressed, I gasp at the appalling sight before me. My daughter had pulled her pants down and had her back to the mirror looking over her shoulder at her derriere. Every 3 seconds she jumped up and down ever so slightly.

I asked very carefully as to not bruise her self esteem what in the world she was doing?

She looked back at me with innocent eyes and replied, "I want my bottom to jiggle like yours when I walk."

Soon, I was in the same stance in front of the mirror, Holy Hoodwink Batman, she is right. There is jiggleage there. Drats!


chocolatechic said...

bwahahahahaha....oh, the innocence of childhood.

Aunt B~ said...

Just wait sweatheart, pretty soon everything will jiggle and the grandkids will call you Squishy Nana.

Dana said...

Oh that is funny. My son says his grandma is "soft in all the right places." I soon will be, too, I fear.

pew-warmer said...

Judy's neice once asked her grandmother why her butt was on backwards. She was talking about cleavage :)