Friday, September 28, 2007

Suck It Up

My parents had a water leak at their house last month. So, they dug up the yard to find and fix the leak. Since there has been a severe drought there this summer (unlike our floods), the mound of dirt needed to be leveled out and packed back down. Who was more qualified and eager to start than my middle spawn? He was such a help. First he showed Grandpa how it was done. He also got a little "break" happy which caused small lurkings and confusion on Grandpa's part until he figured out what was going on.
My middle twerp has always been a hard worker. He will stay with a job until it is complete. He will not even take a break while he smears one of my lipsticks all over the wall, but he will persevere until all tubes are drained and there is a pattern of colors on my vanity. He also will not just pull one of his brother's hairs, but will put forth the effort to take the time and pull every last hair. He says he is our loving Lord who even knows the number of hairs on our head. What a tenderhearted warrior. So he is working hard, never letting up.

My mom starts picking the rock out of the piles as to make the dirt smoother. Some of these rocks are a decent size and her 92 pound frame isn't enough to throw them without a little grunt and grown. Well, my compassionate child looks over at his loving Nana and in his sweet respectful voice replies, "Oh suck it up Nana!"

Where would he have ever heard anything like that?


Aunt B~ said...

We all know the answer to that one. The apple never falls far from the tree.

pew-warmer said...

That is too funny. Suck it up nana. I said that to Josh once (or more)

pew-warmer said...

LOL (i can't believe I just said that). When I was little I was so excited to see Oma. So we went to pick her up at the train station. She is standing by the curb and we are driving toward her and I start opening the door. I guess I thought it would pass through her.

Later in the week my enthusiasm to see her waned. Lovingly, I told her to "Pack dein Koffer und hau ab!" Translated that is pack your suitcase and get lost!

Not suprisingly, she favored my brown-nosing sister. My grandmother would ask us who we loved best! My sister always answered her inappropriate question with "your my favorite grandma and I love you the best." I would answer her with the appropriate response that I loved them equally. And I did. I referred to my American grandma as "Grandma tick." Because we would get seed ticks there.