Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Farm

We begin our 750 mile voyage home to visit my parent’s farm tomorrow. Three spawn restrained in 75 square feet with limited bathroom breaks and only 2 DVD screens = anguish, gnashing of teeth, and flames lapping at my feet.

In all honesty, I do like to drive. When I say drive, I mean sit in the passenger seat while Indiana Jones drives. When I say sit in the passenger seat, I mean sometimes rest my eyes. By sometimes rest my eyes, I mean fall into a deep sleep, drooling and catching flies. But on the occasional chance of discovering a rare sighting of me awake, I do enjoy looking at the country side and taking in the scenes.

There is something comforting about going home – familiar smells, old feelings, and safety. This trip will be different however. This might be the trip that sets our path for taking our journey back home. Maybe not, but maybe so. Either way, I hope for divine appointments and a story to write.

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German Boy said...

Have fun. Bring IJ back.