Friday, October 12, 2007

The 35th Adventure of Indiana Jones

My Indiana Jones turns 35 today. My baby is growing up. This is how I give him a birthday kiss. I normally on do this at night after I emerge from my coffin, he sometimes even wears garlic to bed just to keep me away... and even places crosses above our bed ....Vie Vant to Vuck Vr Vood. This is what he looks like after I give him a big ole smooch. Do you see a pattern here? I am starting to feel unappreciated. Oh wait, I think I ate Olive Garden and had Starbucks. He hates when I have Starbucks and Olive Garden. Mint anyone?
Ah, the good ole days. Back when we had money and jobs and took extravagant vacations in far off countries. And ate exotic foods and sniffed our brandy.....

We also rode four wheelers and got lost in some remote village. Yea, that's us...just call me Rand, Rand McNally!Ah, lovers at San Fran....he looks small, but trust me, he is hot in this pic!
Here we are again, but someone please tell me what was up with that hair! What was I thinking? And no make up? Lawd have mercy on my soul. Good thing I already caught him. If he had seen me look like this before marriage he would have given the 2 goats and ox back and ran for the hills!
See how romantic he is? Even after all those blood sucking kisses. I really think he was trying to lure that water bottle way from me. It can really get hot in Mexico and you know the whole don't drink the water stuff....locals!
Here IJ is in his dress up cloths. Only the "nice" jeans for special occasions. I love this guy. You never know when someone might need saving so he is always dressed and prepared.
So Happy Birthday,Indiana Jones! I love you more today than ever. Thanks for rescuing me from my Temple of Doom. I cannot wait to see what Adventure comes next.


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DAD- (inlaw)

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