Wednesday, October 10, 2007


These are my parent's neighbors in Indiana. They have been neighbors for over 31 years. See the white house to the left of the telephone pole? Yea, that little speck is the neighbors. You can walk outside naked and no one will ever see you. Not that I would EVER do something so bold and CRAZY! No sir, not me. Not in a million years. I am ladylike, and I teach my family the same values and modesty that I have. My family is of the holiest nature. We would never do something so primitive and improper.
So yes, this is what a neighbor looks like in Indiana.

I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you.I'v e always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. So, let's make the most of this beautiful day. Since we're together we might as well say:

Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor? Won't you please,Won't you please? Please won't you be my neighbor?
Here is my house and my neighbor is Oklahoma. (See the For Sale sign?) Wow, that is close. Now the point of this series in to dull my ache of homesickness. To see how similar Indiana and Oklahoma are. So, let's begin shall we?

There is a pole in both pictures.

The Indiana neighbors have been there for 31 years. I am 31 years old in Oklahoma.

See, it is practically the same? They both end with the "a" vowel...Help me out, people.

Stay episode DOGS...

Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor?


ella said...

Hello from Texas.


they both have 4 syllables.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...
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Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Great observation Ella. Thanks for looking out for me. You are a genius!

hope4grace said...

I love Oklahoma as it where DH hails from, go Sooners! Great pictures though.....I love the site.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog....funny!
Now me...I'm here in Da Woods
trying to get my blog site out there. Hope you get a laugh!!
Pam 'Oh Da Woods

Patriot said...

Oh gosh - naked neighbors!! I'm glad to say I don't see that here!

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