Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back Home

Images like this make me want to take the next bus to Indiana. I picture my kids fishing in our hometown lake. This is the lake less than 5 miles from my parent's farm.
I never went fishing there, ever; but it still makes me remember fishing in our pond on my parent's farm with my Papaw. We used old cane poles. I never caught anything but snapping turtles. I vividly remember my Papaw cutting the head off of them because they would never let go. Ah, the sweet memories of my childhood. Inevitably when I would set my pole down so I could take another Coca Cola and Cheese Puff break, a fish would grab hold and take my pole into the middle of the pond. Papaw would spend the next 30 minutes fishing my pole out. Yeah, that was him, either cutting turtles heads off or fishing my pole out of the pond. Man I bet he has a lot of fun. He never complained though. I would have. Especially about those gross turtle heads.Here is Butt's Drugs. Yes, that is really the name. I even had a third grade teacher named Mrs. Butt. She was beautiful. I always wanted to be a Mrs. Butt. Be careful what you wish for. This is the old fashioned soda fountain at the drug store.
This is where the kids spent most of their time at Butt's. There parents were never around. They were four aisles over.This is the aisle the parents were always on. I cannot imagine why! Scandalous. Now that I am a parent maybe that is why I want to move home. Goodbye candy aisle. Hello Aisle Four! (I am just kidding mom!)

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melly~ said...

Hello isle four! (and I'm not even kidding)
Great story.
I grew up across the street from Harry Butts (not even kidding) and it gets better - he named his son JR.! Junior and senior harry butts. How can a girl admit to having relations with harry butts?
does your blog accept anonymous comments?! :)