Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Like, I Am So Totally Excited! Like Totally!

I fly off today into the wild blue yonder. Off to bigger and better places. Off to a place that is the heart of this country. One that is referred to as a fruit. Why? I have no clue. It should be something more manly and dominant. Like a majestic eagle or a powerful lion, or a mighty mammogram. Oh wait, forget I said that last one. Sometimes my eccentric baby of the family comes out in me.

So you guessed it, I am off to the Big Apple! I am SOOOO very like excited. Like TOTALLY. Like Oh My Gosh, I cannot wait. Central Park, Empire State Building, fake, cheap illegal Coach purses. What more could a girl ask for.

Well, I am off...off to take a bite out of the Big Apple (or is it a Bite Out Of Crime? I always get those confused.) Check back to see where my wild and crazy adventure (WITHOUT THE TWERPS) takes me.

1 comment:

chocolatechic said...

How did you manage to get to go someplace so fabulous without your kiddos???

You are like....so TOTALLY lucky!!!