Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New York 101

New York lessons 101. So I know nothing about city life. But I am learning FAST. I am a fish out of water, but I am loving it. I walked around this morning in the cool, crisp Fall air and it began to sprinkle. I popped open my umbrella like the other thousand people on the block and soon learned that there was an unspoken umbrella rule that I had no clue about. I was bumping and running into other umbrellas as I stared and awed and the Ann Klein, Banana Republic, Rockefeller Center, and then Central park. I soon learned the art of umbrellas in a compact area. There is an unspoken left hand, left side, always keep up even when covered rules. But no one ever returned my "howdy" or "how are ya?" Some asked if I were from Texas. Is it that obvious that I am a Country Girl?

I am loving every minute of this -- Starbucks on every corner, the hustle and bustle. There are more people at this conference than in my entire home town. Unbelievable.

Lots and lots of stories and photos to come. I had to wait in line for over 30 minutes to access this computer and my time is up. I love you all...more from the Big Apple soon!


Patriot said...

So how did you end up in NYC?

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Kila said...

Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Happened across your blog. Cute kids!! I've never been to NYC, so I'm living vicariously through your blog, if you don't mind!!