Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Name is Country Girl and I am a Blonde.

There. I have admitted it. I have a strong GPA, can debate education policy and law all day, and have enough knowledge of methods and best practices that my brain almost pops. But there is no common sense in me. Thus, the following post.

Can I just say that I had good intentions. Does that count for anything? If intentions were lemon drops and gum drops oh how sweet this would be.

I bought this for a VERY good price at a garage sale this week. It is solid wood and has three BIG deep drawers at the bottom for all the kids' VHS (yes, we are soooo old), DVDs and junk that they accumulate over the course of 7 McDonald's visits a week. We just get the healthy apple slices and water. Occasionally we will allow the fruit and walnut salad, but just on special events. Cause we are healthy, organic eaters. Yes siree Bob, that is us. Healthy Smealthy Wealthy.

Anyways, I was so excited to bring this home. It took us several hours to just get it into the house and reassemble it. We also needed some extra hardware. In trying to disassemble the old unit, we managed to tear it up. I do not know about your house, but home improvement projects bring just a tad bit of tension into out family. Once we got to this stage I was SO glad to almost be done. All we had to do is slip out old TV in a presto...a complete home entertainment unit.

At this point and time, it became oh so clear that this TV would not be fitting into the above entertainment center. By about 1 inch. We tried everything, but to no avail. Now we have a great deal, solid wood entertainment center, a too big TV, a torn up old center, a messed up house, and a very angry Indiana Jones. This is the demolished playroom. Have I mentioned we are in the middle of an ice storm?

Without a TV? How can I stay advised? I am the one that gawks at every wreck, power outage, and fallen tree. Now because of my ingenious antics, we now have a beautiful entertainment center, but no TV. Well, at least we still have cookies.


chocolatechic said...

Set the TV on top of the large wooden thing and be done.

Kila said...

Could you use the entertainment center in a bedroom instead (for toys/books/storage)?

I love the color on your walls.

Hopefully things thaw out soon there! I still remember Wisconsin "Great Ice Storm of 1976". My parents' little wood stove was our heat and stove for serveral days. Good times.

justgottalaugh said...

What is that they say about good intentions??