Monday, December 31, 2007

One Little Word

I didn't have to search far for my New Year's Project. Heidi from Mt. Hope Chronicles has the perfect challenge: One Little Word.

I like what Heidi says about this:
"One word for a whole year might be a stretch for me. How can I limit myself to one little word? But maybe that is the point. That one little word, when used as a focus, could be like a continuous drip of water upon a stone."

So I took this challenge. Me, of so many words, decided to wrap up my goals for 2008 in one word. This will be the word I go back to for all of 2008 to refocus me and keep me in my purpose. I have it narrowed down to three. Should I share my three now or wait until I decide?


Heidi said...

Share now, share now! :) I can't stand the suspense, LOL.

Cristie said...

I'm struggling with my New Year's Resolution. Please share!! It may spark some ideas for me!!