Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow Business

We woke up to a blanket of this the day after Christmas. It was wonderful. The kids decided to play the afternoon away. My eldest twerp went to the neighbor's house to make a snow man. They are the artsy fartsy type. The kind that paint their dining room orange one weekend and magenta the next...and it looks good. We are usually scraping those colors off our wall due to toddler paint time.
These are their snowmen. Just look at that --the detail, the thoughtfulness, the planning. They even have a snow dog. I think their scarves are LV. I am so jealous. How dare they? We shall not be outdone!
We begin with a little snowball fight. What is the harm?
Well, that did not fair so well.
He feels remorseful. Just look at that aghast look on his face.

We start to get down to business. We cannot let those right brain creative neighbors show us up. We work relentlessly. "Mom, can I play now?" "NO, mush mush."I think we are looking pretty good. It is at least 7 inches taller, and more shapely than artsy fartsy neighbor. The form is textbook, and I know cause I actually read the Snowman 101 book. "It is better." I tell them. "Look at our height and form. We won!"

"Whatever, mom. Can we go play in the neighbor's yard?"

Ungrateful punks.

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justgottalaugh said...

I need to read that snowman book.