Monday, January 14, 2008

Hot Tub Verdict

So the mini vacation was on the upswing. The coloring with permanent marker on the wall was not THAT big of a deal. And yes, I scrubbed most of it off, but along with the marker came two coats of paint. How was a suppose to know that 409 and a scrub pad would take off paint? Do I look like Bob Villa to you? Please don't answer that.

So out we went Sunday morning to the Hot Tub. Life became like Heaven, but with blue walls.
The heat was radiating into the cool crisp Sunday morning, the kids were playing well, and I was drinking creme brulee coffee and my belly was full of bacon and buttermilk biscuits. Ah, life was good.
See how much they love each other? This was one of those moments that gives you baby fever. I think I even begin to lactate again.

They were splashing, playing, living life, and being kids -- in a Hot Tub in January. But oh how the grass looked greener on the other side.
How she longed to dive into the pool. The 55 degree pool. The not-heated pool in the middle of January. The urning desire was more than she could withstand. She jumped...and let's just say we were moments away from hypothermia. Some lessons must be taught with experience. Ice cold experience.

My Middle Twerp looked, but never touched. His sister's experience was more than enough for him.I just wanted to throw this pic in to show the beginning stages of a mullet forming on my Middle Twerp. We are so proud. Soon, Middle Twerp was braving the elements and going to dive -- this is from last year's Mister-I-Cannot-Get-My -Face-Wet-Or -It-Might-Melt-Off-Because-I-Think-Pool-Water-Is-The-Equivalent-To-Acid-And-I-Scream-Like-My-Toenails-Are-Being-Pulled-Out. But just look at the following form.

Just look at how proud he is. Look at the success he feels. How could this sweet angel, at a moments notice, throw a kabillion little rocks into this Hot Tub?Just look at this face, I think he feels remorse. Or do you think it is the realization that he has a mullet? What do you think? Innocent or Guilty?


Felicia said...

Looks like they had fun! Especially in January! lol

Heidi said...

Great pictures! Just the thought of jumping into that cold water gives me a heart attack. I know all about those adorable little boys that do things you feel like strangling them for. :) My pediatrician used to say that my non-sleeping boy #2 was skating by on his good looks, LOL.

Hey, I also thought I'd let you know that I tagged you with a blessing over on my blog! I'm terrible at getting around to tags (so don't feel like you have to pass it on if you don't feel like it), but I immediately thought of you. How is the homeschooling decision coming along? I'll be praying for you!

Maria said...

How funny!!! These pics are awesome. I am totally envious of the hot tub! I didn't know you were wrestling with the idea of homeschooling. That's a tough one, eh? Funny about that. I don't have kids, yet two things I heard this week made me roll my eyes and then cringe: 1) A local junior high school (7th grade) has decided to incorporate homosexuality into their sex-ed class and 2) the local elementary school is teaching that spanking is a form of abuse and encouraging kids who have been spanked to speak up

??? I hate using the acronym "WTF" but it SOOO applies here.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I miss you all so much. Seeing the photos makes me want babies at the house all the time. Well, maybe not all the time. You know how it is after you have a baby, you forget what life was like with babies at home. Then your friends from OK with 3 kids come to visit and you remember. But then 3 days passes and you are only thinking of the good times again !!! Don't tell Bert. He'll go into shock.