Monday, January 14, 2008

Vaca Update

Our Texas Mini Vacation was a hit! The kids felt like they were at Six Flags and we got by for a fraction of the cost. We think Six Flag Vacations are over rated. Now I am a sure our hosts are in deep prayer and intercession right now that we will never return. Of course, that is IF they have time between the repainting of the upstairs hall and mopping all surfaces from cheese, mud, and diaper fragments. My baby twerp is my artistic right-brained child. He could just tell that with the way the lighting fell into that upstairs hall, a blue hue would compliment the room so much more. So being the self starter that he is, he took it upon himself to begin this Do It Yourself home project himself. He found a permanent blue marker and went to town. That was day one. Just look at this angel. I am sure my Lil Tex friends would have paid BIG Texas bucks for an interior designer to tell them about the correct color palette for their upstairs, but Baby Twerp saved the day and even left them with a visual. It was the least we could do considering their warm, southern hospitality. I bet we will be invited back next weekend. I think they are considering a color change in their master bath. I am so glad my baby can be of service.

Day Two was in the 60's and we were sent outside to play. Oh the fun for all on the trampoline.
Who can do this at Six Flags? Oh my, look at those feet! Lord have mercy on my soul!
She has always had such fun and bouncy hair. I think she should be in a Pantene Commercial.
Look at this kiddos hair. I think I did this for my 2nd grade science project. Boy would he have come in handy. Just look at these skills.
Middle Twerp wanted to play crack the egg. I think he was waiting patiently here just knowing a baby chick would be arriving. It took Baby Twerp a little while to warm up to the idea....But soon my little Picasso was jumping way. Ah, things seemed to be on the up-and-up. How much trouble could they get into outside? I began to kick up my feet and relax a little. The marker was not that big of a deal, right? No permanent damage, right? What could go wrong outside? Have I mentioned they have a hot tub? I cannot go on. I must go lay down. It is too much for me to handle. Plus, I have to send a check to Lil Tex for therapy and prescription drugs. I think the whole family is now on meds. Tomorrow -- Hot Tub Culprits. Just look at this sweet face, you be the judge...Innocent or Guilty...The Verdict Tomorrow!


ptamom3 said...

4 short words for your friends wall: "Mr Clean Magic Eraser"... I just used one on a black marker on my wall yesterday and it wiped right off! Love the pics- you are a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we were gonna try that -- but what she forgot to tell you was that in her haste to get rid of the evidence she scrubbed off 2 coats of paint. So, best we can tell the marker is gone but we will be repainting.

Of course, the kids were fabulous. Now, our poor OKIE friends have bitten their nails down to the quik for fear of their children messing something up. I tried and tried to tell them that their kids couldn't break anything that was tool valuable (okay, the very old Bible was put up when we saw the youngest eyeing it -- we don't read it -- it is there for show). Anyway, it was a hoot. I suggest you all have the 5 of them to your home sometime soon. We love them dearly and that includes their children!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Love the photos!

Hot tubbing....ahhh!

Tinman said...

Suggestion for the black marker.
only kidding.
Love the pictures.

Maria said...

Awesome photos! How fun!!!