Monday, January 28, 2008

I am back

Two cans of Lysol and one jug of bleach later, and we are back and ready to fight the world. I absolutely hate vomit. I mean I despise it worse than dark alleys and noises in your bed and biting on aluminum foil. The only thing I hate more than vomiting is diarrhea. And let's just say I have had my fill of both. And the only think I hate more than vomit and diarrhea is other people's vomit and diarrhea. Again, more than my fair share this week. (Be glad this is not a photo post.)

On a much lighter note...if you have a spare prayer to send up today for my family, please do so. I cannot disclose any more -- just pray.

(PS No one is dying or pregnant. But the later could lead to the first.)

Love you all -- cg


Jubilee on Earth said...

I completely understand your disclosure issue, and will definitely pray for your family.

Good luck and God bless!!


Army Wife said...

Oh, the joys of parenthood. I was never "in to " babies before I had mine, so I never had to deal with all the gross stuff. The first time I got puked on I thought I was going to puke myself. Then the next day she peed on me and the day after I got pooped on. That was quite an intro to motherhood.

It's tough when you've got sick little ones. Glad you survived :)

ptamom3 said...

So glad to see you back- well I'm actually glad not to see the photo post along with that lovely description of yours :)
Anyway, thanks for the box, we got it yesterday. The girls love the items your daughter sent- she is VERY sweet-please thank her!
Have a great day and prayers on the way.

Heidi said...

Right there with ya. :) I am hoping I've been spared this time around, though. And hopefully we're on the upswing!

Praying for you today!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I hate vomit too....I gag when I hear someone vomiting!

I will keep your family in my prayers.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

egads! Sorry you were sick. :( Hope you are all better soon and glad to hear in the above post that your miracle happened!