Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vomit Varment Stricks Again

1:30 am -- Eldest twerp wakes us to tell us middle twerp vomited in her room. Those words were not adequate. Indiana Jones had to save the day.

2:00 am -- Bathing dried vomit out of middle twerps hair

2:30 am -- Laundry with dried vomit began its cycle in the washer

3:00 am -- Everyone back in bed, I sleep on couch to listen for any signs from baby twerp

4:45 am -- Eldest twerp races to the bathroom with weeping and gnashing of teeth. Vomit spews.

5:00 am -- Baby Twerp begins crying and his belly is making noises like a submarine.

5:30 am -- Indiana Jones sleeps with baby twerp on couch

5:45 am -- Eldest twerp in bath

6:00 am -- Round diarrhea begins

Anyone want to come over for dinner?


Shannon said...


Jubilee on Earth said...

Oh, you poor thing! How awful! I hope that doesn't make its way up here to Michigan. Nasty!


Heidi said...

I am so very sorry. And I might be joining you at any time. Luke had the stomach bug last Monday. Russ has it today. Please, oh please. I *really* don't want it to go any further!!

Army Wife said...

I'll pass on dinner. Hope you all get over it quickly. take care

3SonsAreMyLove said...

God does not stand afar off as I struggle to speak. He cares enough to listen with more than casual attention. He translates my scrubby words and hears what is truly inside. He hears my sighs and uncertain gropings as fine prose. --Timothy Jones

He is listening with all His heart...
I will keep your request on mine and in my prayers.

justgottalaugh said...

Ooh ooh child, things are gonna get easier...

I just want to cry knowing that you are all so sick. If I was your neighbor I would .... well, I would, uh, stay away but as a blogging neighbor I will pray for you and your family. SO SORRY!!!