Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Voted Today

I voted today and it made me feel happy. Although no one checked my ID which made me nervous and feel like tattling on someone because it seemed so wrong. But they swore to me that it was fine and they never asked for ID from anyone because who would come in and pretend to be someone? And then I thought, "Well, I might now that I know you don't ID anyone." But if I would have said that then they would have had an eye out for me and when I came prancing in with my disguise of baggy pants and basketball jersey, I think they would have known. But how do we know that Hillary Clinton is not out there dressing up like little old woman and voting in their place? I am just saying that I would not put it past her. I think she would also write something bad about me on the bathroom walls while she was at it cause she seems mean and biddy to me.

But, they don't ID. So anyways, I voted and it was easy and I do not think I messed it up like last time. There were like seven candidates and I only knew three of them. I had not made up my mind until I stood behind the flimsy cardboard petition and angels began to sing around me and a name jumped off the page at me. Oh, who am I kidding? I voted for the candidate that called me last night, because he obviously cares and I like him anyways. And he stands for what I believe in the most...or at least that is what the myspace quiz said.

But let me just say that people are a little afraid of what they do not know...and voting can be a little intimidating, at least it was for me. I still am a proponent for online voting or at least a ballot is mailed to EVERY registered voter's home address and they can drop it off at a specific location. Just thought I would share, but this is coming from someone who chose their candidate based on a phone call and a quiz. Amen.

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We HAVE to show an ID here and we personally know the people working! That's strange!