Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lessons of The Tire Swing

The weather has been gorgeous here. After being cooped up in an ice storm, then having the stomach bug, we were all ready to get out and about. The park was just the fix we needed.

My eldest twerp took advantage of this opportunity and began to teach our middle twerp the Lessons of the Tire Swing. We felt it was time to reveal this knowledge to him. He had begunt o show is readiness for such responsibility. We think he was ready to receive the force.

Lesson #1 -- You must always hold on -- tight.
Lesson #2 -- If you lean back the speed and overall perspective is "really cool." Now are we ready to test the comprehension of these lessons? Good, hang on tight, lean back far....And off we gooooooo....After spinning in a circle for over 5 billion minutes, my middle twerp was a little unsure of this methodology.
"Now what sissy? My belly hurts!"
We decided to hold off on lessons for baby twerp. He just wanted to sit and look a the tire. This is radical fun for baby twerp. All he needed now was his coffee. He is obsessed with coffee, structure, and not too much excitement.

Yes, a chip off the old block. Just like his momma. Calm, structured, quiet, shy, bashful, and an intrevert. Yep, he is just like me all right!


Jubilee on Earth said...

How fun are those photos?!?!

I wish it was warm enough here to go out and play. Not yet (stupid groundhog...) *grin*

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justgottalaugh said...

Hmm.. just like his momma, eh?

Delana said...

Hey you. I miss you and so I looked to see what was up with you lately...when did you get a new camera? Please fill me in. Oh and I will be in the office Monday (tomorrow) so Kate and I will come see you.

Army Wife said...

Hey! cool pics. Your kids are so cute. Your daughter seems to really enjoy playing with her little bros. :)

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I remember spending hours on the tire swing when I was younger....your post brought back some great memories for me today!