Monday, March 31, 2008

If You Get Grossed Out Easily ............... DO NOT READ THIS POST

I remember my Grandpa telling a joke one time when I was little. It made me gag and hurl and spew and even when I think about it today a little vomit comes up in my mouth -- hypothetically speaking, of course.

If you are squeamish or get sick easily, do not read any farther. And that is an order!

Here is the joke:
One day Billy was in the kitchen bothering his mother as she made supper.
Billy asked, "Mom, is supper ready yet?"
"No, not yet."
Three minutes later Billy walked in and said, "Mom, is supper ready yet?"
"No, not yet, Billy. Go play."
Two minutes later, Billy walked into the kitchen and said, "Mom, is supper ready yet?"
"No, Billy. Go outside and play. I will call you when supper is ready."
Ten minutes later Billy's mom yelled out the back door, "Supper's ready."
Billy ran in and said ," Mom, I am not hungry anymore."
"What? You have been bothering me the entire time! How can you not be hungry anymore?"
"I ate the grapes off the dog."

Yeah, that made me gag. Ticks are gross, but growing up on a farm, they were a part of life. I cannot tell you how many afternoons I sat and picked ticks off my dog. Gross? Yeah, I know. I am ashamed. I hid my face. I weep at nights over this.

If you are grossed out, I warn you....GO NOT FARTHER. Go clean out from behind your refrigerator, paint your toenails, polish your silverware, wipe your children's noses....but do not read any more!!!

Well, Jeter has had a bit of a tick problem. I applied that flea and tick creme between his shoulder blades last night. I found these on my back porch this morning.
This is what they look like at the bottom of my toilet where their lives ended. Or maybe they are growing in the sewer and will climb up and suck all my blood tonight.
Great, now I will have to hold it all night. GULP.


Kim said...

Poor Jeter!

theotherblonde said...

Eww, I hate ticks!!!!!

damascus180 said...

either that or they will clog the sewer line and you will have to call the plumber - again!

3SonsAreMyLove said...

That was sure a "tic"klish problem poor Jeter-dog had!