Monday, March 31, 2008

Learning Day

I love days like this.
I love knowing he is learning.
I love that he has a passion for it.
I love that these letters come in a nice neat tin.
I hate that I have to fight everything in me to clean the mess up as soon as we have completed our letters.
It is official, I am anal -- but not a butt.


E and T said...

I have just come across your blog through a comment you left on Heidi's blog.

I just wanted to let you know that I have visited and have really enjoyed reading some of your posts (I haven't had time to read all of them yet, but plan on popping back to do so). I love learning about other mum's adventures through their blogs.

As for this most recent post, I'm with you - I get such a thrill seeing my little girl engaged and learning new things. It looks like you had a perfect learning day.

hope4grace said...

It's nice to know that other moms are anal as well. We did art projects yesterday and I caught myself cleaning up, mid-project...not good.

Heidi said...

Hey, we have those cards and letters! And it is a huge struggle to clean up with the boys around here...

Oh, can we chat Rice Krispie Treats now? Why have you never made them? Do you not like them? Cause they are pretty much the easiest and tastiest things in my repertoir. :) The recipe is on almost every package of marshmallows or rice krispies and you only need 3 ingredients (easy ones to keep on hand). I'm tellin' ya... you really need to give it a try. :)