Saturday, March 1, 2008

On Your Marks

My skill set is not very large. By not very large I mean, pretty small. By pretty small, I mean I am good at just a few things. By just a few things, I mean two. I am good at two things. And "good" is stretching it ... but just a little.

I want my kids to be more well rounded -- and let's just all agree that it would not take very much. So, I took them to a handy man class at Home Depot this morning. When I walked in the room and saw hammers and nails, I began to sweat. Profusely. I was the only one wearing make-up and heels. I felt so out of place. I get nervous around hardware and people without make up. I just let the boys read the directions (on their own of course) and go wild.My Middle Twerp had it down in no time at all. Obviously, he received his hammering genes from his daddy. I only have designer ones. Baby Twerp is more artistic than Middle Twerp. He wanted to use all the tools equally. He did not want any tool to feel left out or not as valuable as the others. Baby Twerp accepts all. He showed equal attention to all hardware items. That's my boy. He embraces and accepts all hardware. Soon (actually quite some time later) they had finished these Home Depot race cars with absolutely no help from their mother. I was way too busy looking at paint samples. I just love the names they come up with... How about a little "Hot Mochacinno" in my dining room....or a little "Boogie Nights" in my bedroom? Ya know what I am sayin?Back to the cars, I think they did turn out quite nicely...despite their mother's lack of support and attention.

Then we went to the park to test these babies out. We were quite precise in out starting points. You could see the thought that was put into each racing strategy. (Honestly, it might have been some left over jelly, let's be real here.)
Any they were off. It was impossible to get these two twerps to release at the same time.
But they had fun nonetheless. And I think I even learned the difference between a flat head and a phillips. Will wonders ever cease?


Kim said...

That looks like so much fun!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for your comment. It inspired another post. Jump on over and tell me your thought!

tiger lamb girl said...

Wow, I didn't know Home Depot did stuff like this! Sounds like a blast!! I wish they would've had something like that when my kids were that young;).

Kim said...

You are so busted! Clustering, compacting, differentiation. How long did you teach?

Kim said...

Send me your brain. I must pick it!

Talk about test is my day, everyday, all week long!

8 - 1015 ELA (on a very tight pacing calendar with deadlines for unit tests to be uploaded)
1030-11 ELD (state required daily)
11-1215 Math (also on a tight pacing calendar w/deadlines for ch test results to be uploaded)
1-2 History/Science/P.E./Computers/Reteaching
(We are supposed to have 90 min a wk of P.E.- state required)

It is funny how only ELD and P.E. have state req. numbers of minutes. Shows you what is important to the California legislature.

Oh, and now that block from 1-2 is officially test prep for 20ish minutes and then ANOTHER math lesson because our pacing calendar has two chapters of math AFTER the CST. Those two chapters are tested on the CST. Hmmm...gotta get them in somewhere.

I so get what you say about needing to apologize to your first kiddos! I'm with you. I stank!

Are you willing to continue this discussion through e-mail? I truly would like to pick your brain. I'm all about getting better tomorrow than I was today.

Heidi said...

I'm so jealous! We got to Home Depot really late today (okay, about 5 minutes before the workshop ended...) and they were out of race cars. My poor boys had to make bug houses. I left Russ to handle things while I, also, looked at paint samples. Asparagus, Valley Mist, Opal Cream....