Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I love little boys in overalls, especially this little boy.Kisses with my sweety.Go Baby Twerp, Go.Why do I have this '' I have just had 14 cups of coffee'' look on my face. Someone please calm me down. These are moments I live for.I love this whip-wielding man.I can get lost in these eyes.Take me back....I promise I will be good.
Another moment to live for.
All three twerps....priceless.I think he is winking at me. What do you think?How can you not want to just eat this little face up?
I swear the wind just kicked up...giggle giggle. Even the wind could tell my hair was too flat. This was pre-curling iron days. I always thought I would be a mom to all girl; bows, fingernail polish, tutus, pink glitter, and lip gloss -- but NO. Alas, I share my days with worms, frogs, and boogers. I would not trade it for the world.

Someone please tell me what I am doing here. Photographers make you do the silliest poses. Why is God's green earth would I be standing at a warehouse looking pensive. As a matter of fact I rarely ever look pensive. Except in the lip gloss aisle. This is quite possibly the most ridiculous pic I have ever taken. And what is up with my neck? I look like a morph between a turtle and giraffe. And those sandals were the worst mistake to this pose. I am surprised I did not get picked up for solicitation. Geez....this pose was never a good idea.
Such a ham...My flaws are much less in black and white.

Why has this taken over my mother?


tiger lamb girl said...

I love when you post photos of your family -- you're all so lovely;).

And everytime I cook with Lawry's and Creole seasoning, I think of you:-). xo

Kim said...

"Legacy" was my favorite. There is just something about a man caring tenderly for a kiddo. *Sigh*

ptamom3 said...

You and your husband make a beautiful couple! And the blue eyes on that precious boy of yours are enough to melt anyone!

Ansbaughmom said...

Great pics-your family is beautiful. Very photogetic(sp?)