Monday, April 21, 2008

But Baby It's Warm Outside

I came home from work to this....My motto is, If You Can't Beat Em, Join Em.Who can say these curls are not adorable? Look Indiana Jones, precious. And just look at this sweet angel....notice the chocolate on his face. We had cookies for dinner. You can see the cookie in Middle Twerp's mouth.

All in all, a fabulous evening.
Summer is on its way.


hope4grace said...

Okay, we still have snow. I'm not envious, I'm not envious, if I keep saying it, maybe it will be true!

Ranch Mommy said...

Oh, how I wish for a sunny day. We went from the week-end before last at 75 degrees and then to 40 degrees this past week-end with snow. ARGH!!! I think my kids would trade places with yours any day!!

Heidi said...

And we've had snow, massive hail, downpour rain, blustery winds, and 30-40 degree weather for days now. Something is not fair. Not at all.