Monday, April 14, 2008


So I am out of town on "business." Doesn't that make me sound all grown up and important? Believe me, I AM NOT...either. I am actually in the best little town in the world (minus my home town). It has a certain nostalgia about it that makes me fall in love. I feel like I am back in the 70's and I like to take stroll down memory lane.
Oh wait, I was barely alive in the 70's. Okay, so I like to pretend what it would have been like if I was all grown up in the 70's. I like to imagine me large and in charge (large is figuratively speaking, of course.) So I decided to take a little walk when I got back to my hotel room and snap some shots. It is just the friendliest little town in the world. I had six people wave at me. Even this kid waved from across the parking lot. This young man stopped me and struck up a conversation. He was a sweetie peetie. He was actually on his way out of AA which he has gone faithfully to for years. He has has been in this town his entire life -- and it is the best town he has ever lived in. At least that is what he told me. I kinda had to stop and think about it. We shot the bull for a few minutes and then I had to move on. I was too busy imagining myself in the 70's walking down these streets.I decided to daydream a little (something I am notorious for doing) and have a little fun.
I soon noticed the absolute beautiful doors around town. Every house had an ornate door that told a story. What if I lived behind those doors? What would I have been like?

Here is my first door. If I lived here in the seventies, I would have spoken Spanish and worn a rose in my hair. My kids would have eaten beans and my husband would have made me shell necklaces. Why? Because that is what this door screams -- can't you hear SHELL NECKLACES?
If I lived behind this door in the 70's I would have answered it wearing a white boa and smoking a cigarette in one of those long sticks. I am sure they have a name, but I was a toddler in the 70's, I was pure. I would have called you darling and made you drink tea with honey.
If I lived behind this door, my husband would have worn a wife beater and drank Colt 45. I would have been been barefoot and worn my hair in a pony tail. Ah this is probably the most accurate door for me. Ahm now I fell in love with this door. This is where I want to live. Behind this door I vacuum my carpet wearing heels and pearls. I also drink my martinis stirred and my kids are the politest in the world. I volunteer at my kids' PTO and make great meatloaf. DISCLAIMER: I am going tomorrow to rip this door off its hinges and take it home with me.
After all my imaginative flash backs, I started walking back to my hotel and noticed this sign. I had nothing better to do, so I stopped in and tried on prom dresses. He would not let me take photos, but said I could bring my mom back with me. DID YOU HEAR THAT? He then asked me when my prom was! OH MY GOSH, I love this town!


Kim said...

So funny, I don't even know where to start!

I think the guy from AA called the prom dress guy and told him there was a "hottie" coming down the street!

Cristie said...

Great post! I love the story of the doors. What a great imagination you have!!

feather k said...

Ha! Were the dresses made of jersey? You have such a keen eye (only one though) and are so creative!

heather said...

Love the door pictures!