Monday, April 7, 2008

Mud Pies

I let Baby Twerp play in the back yard this afternoon. He was awful quiet and we have established that when my twerps are quiet, trouble is usually lurking close by. I notice him in the corner of the yard just sitting and playing. What a sweet angel. Then I got a little closer and noticed this.

Let me just say, he is all boy. I always thought I would be a mother to all girls.


E and T said...

Playing quietly usually means only one thing ..... trouble afoot.

As a mum you always like to think that just this once, they are simply being quiet with no strings attached. I guess some days it does happen this way, pitty they seem so far and few between.

But what they get up to during this "quiet time" makes for a good laugh, great photo opportunities and makes life interesting.

woolies said...

hi - just strolling though blog-land and happened on yours and LAUGHED out loud when I saw this picture!! HAHAHAHAHA