Friday, April 11, 2008

My Memory Stinks

So I was looking through my NYC pics to reminisce about my trip. As I looked through the photos, I could not remember anything. Okay, I do know that this is Central Park...notice, that is not me jogging. What are the big clues? Obviously, because it is a man -- but I think the real teller here is he is sweating. Country Girl does not sweat -- unless Christmas shopping.
Here I am with Austin. Again, who can not lover her? I might add the only time I drink wine is when I am with Austin. Now that I think about it, she might be a bad influence -- or good, it is all perspective. Again, she wined me and dined me at the NYC Library.
Here is some Bible that was on display at the Library. They were all ga-ga over it. I mean, I am all about being respectful, but it was under glass and everything. The guy next to me said, "It is the one Jesus wrote, that is why it is under the glass." That made me snicker. I think one of these might have been my hotel, or maybe not. I am so navigationally challenged. I think I took this just encase I got lost I would have a reference point. It did not help.
What I learned from NYC -- people run and sweat, it is easy to get lost, I get free wine, Jesus' Bible is there.
Now, none of that was in my history book -- puh, public education let me down.

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