Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not One of My Finer Moments

There are people in life that look great in any snapshot of themselves. My friend Tiffanie is like that. She always looks cute. You know the girls I am talking about. They never have weird looks on their face, their hair is never messed up, they are never caught in weird position. Well let me just confess...I am not one of those girls. These are the kinds of pics that seem to emerge of me. My friend (I use that term loosely now) sent this to me yesterday. I had actually spent many hours and lots of money on therapy trying to forget this moment in my life. I cannot handle a challenge, a dare, a "betcha can't." I have no will power and then, this is how I look. Lord have mercy on my soul. I guess I showed them, huh?

Just encase you were wondering, I blew this up with my nose. Excuse me, I have to go gag now.


Steve said...

but you did not pop it!

ptamom3 said...

Hilarious- Thanks for the laugh!!

hope4grace said...

HOLY CRAP, was there beer involved?

It just feels like a beer moment!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

hope4grace -- believe it or not, i had consumed no alcohol and did this in my sober stupidity -- somehow that seems worse

i had been at a cookout and in the sun for way too long...maybe i was having a heat stoke -- yeah, that is it