Saturday, April 5, 2008

Someone Help

I have a tendency to become obsessed over things. I realize this flaw in my life and just choose to embrace it because I have tried to change and it never works. I also have the flaw of a quitter, but me and my fourth therapist this year are working on that.
(I am just kidding, mom. I do not go to therapy.)

But I need your help. I was on a little road trip yesterday and was scanning the radio for half decent songs. I heard this song on a local radio station -- I would say it was like a "Today's Hits" station. And it had a line in the song that said something like "You ripped my feelings out like I would care." Or it possibly could have been, "You ripped my heart out like you care." Or it might not have even used the word "ripped" maybe "hurt."

So you can see I have a lot of information I am going on here. I would have gotten more, but I got lost and I had to turn the radio down because we all know the decibel level in your car directly relates to your navigational skills.

Anyways, I have been obsessing today over it. It was a male singer and it had a guitar in it, I think. I simply amaze myself with all my details.

Can anyone help? Anyone? Anyone? Bueler?

UPDATE -- It is not JIMMY EAT WORLD -- YOUR HOUSE or PLAIN WHITE T -- HATE IS A STRONG WORD BUT I REALLY DON'T LIKE YOU..but I am still obsessed and losing sleep. Don't give up!


feather k said...

I will do my best to assist, however, I do know you and lyrics...are you giving me all the ammo or should I say right ammo?

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

feather k -- all i am saying is FEE FI FOE FUM swear to you. Did you see where our boy got arrested. I am sure he is innocent. Are you going to the concert?

feather k said...

I am SO there! I will have pics up soon!

feather k said...

oh...forgot to tell you that Ann Minnie Moore says hi!

Monkey said...

Did you ever find out what song that is? I will now obsess over it because I just found your blog and read this and even though I haven't actually heard the song...I too obsess over song lyrics and have to find the one I'm looking for, so now feel like I need to know this one! ha! Could it be this song:Who Needs Air
THE CLASSIC CRIME? I did a yahoo search and found that one and some of the lyrics seem like they might go...???