Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where Do I Go From Here?

I am some of the best friends in the world. Really. I do. Truly. Honestly. They are perfect. I think I am their charity case. I will take it. Take this girl for example. I know without a shadow of a doubt she would give me her right arm...if she didn't just get a manicure. And just so you know, I would never ask on manicure day. I am blessed beyond measure. I am having a hard time tonight. I am such an emotional baby. How can I say goodbye to these precious, PRECIOUS friends???
We even had a little visit from the Motivational Speaker...
Do I need to explain this SNL skit?I have friends from all walks of life...this is my Carni friend. Those funnel cake skills come in awful handy! What can I say about my Feather....Eleven years...so many memories...so much acceptance. We have grown up together. I love you! Like your new five sisters!! XXXOOO
I love each and every one of you. Thanks for investing in me. I am a better person today because of you (I know, who can imagine where I would be without you?)


Steve said...

Man I just thought of the perfect line while doing the motivational speaker - "Mama Juno what your kids are watching...they'll grow up watching TV living in a van down by the river."

IJ held the Carni dude and my son but not me... What gives? You know I took a shower before coming over!!!

I'll see you all by Thanksgiving if not sooner. That's a threat!

And don't you have just one normal picture. I look like I'm coughing up my heart.

Miss you all already.

Pony Girl said...

Aren't good friends the greatest?? I hope the move goes well. OH, I love "The Fox and the Hound!" We have it on story tape at school and I play it for the kids all the time. "When you're the best of friends...."

Anonymous said...

Ok I guess I missed the episode of when you told us where you were moving to. So where is it?