Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pack Rats

The packers came today and let me be the first to say, if it is not nailed down it is getting packed up. The boys were almost an example of this. The house was CRAZY today. Baby Twerp was allowed to watch Spider Man. This is not a normal movie in his repertoire.
He spent most of the time covering his head and crying for momma. But he would not...could not... turn his attention away from the Green Goblin. I completely understand. I do the same thing when I watch Desperate Housewives...that Bre gets me every time. I just cannot look away. And not to even mention the Fox and the Hound. That one always gets me ....Todd and Copper....best friends...natural enemies....destiny... Now, I'm getting verklempt!
So the packers came and I felt like the lazybones of the house. They were like little worker ants. I guess that makes me the Queen Ant...Hmmm.. I kinda like the ring to that. I am going to start making my family call me that...."Queen Ant, can we got outside and play? No Worker Ants, mop the floor, clean the oven, wash behind the refrigerator! Mush. Mush."

Or how about this, "Queen Ant, when will dinner be ready? Worker Husband Ant, whenever you order it and feed me grapes while fanning me with a palm leaf!" I kid. I kid.

What do you think? You think that will fly? Yeah, I know, I know. An ant can dream, right?
This is the guy that packed up all my stuff. All I am saying is that they SO should have given me a girl. There were awkward moments. Very awkward moments. I am still blushing. You girls all know what I am talking about here. My worker ants are 75% of the way packed. Tomorrow they will finish up and then...Indiana Jones and I leave this Temple of Doom in search of our next adventure...
But not until we had a little fun with friends... Stay tuned...

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