Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Favorite Mother's Day Gift

We all woke up and were lying around the living room this morning watching Sunday morning TV. A news story came on about mother's day and I noticed the "oh shoot" looks around the room. Then, my Eldest Twerp came out of her room with this....

"I Am"
I am your daughter
I wonder what your doing right now
I hear your voice everyday
I see your face everyday
I want your love always
I am your little helper
I pretend you're saying I LOVE YOU everyday
I feel your hair in the wind
I touch your hand in love
I worry that you're going to get your feelings hurt
I cry out to you when your not there
I am your sweety pie
I understand when you're angry or happy or sad
I say, "I love you mom always for my whole life"
I dream that you are right there beside me
I try to help you with the boys
I hope you'll never forget me
I am your honey bun
Your Daughter
Eldest Twerp
I cried my ugly cry....I love that gal.


Kim said...

That almost made me ugly cry!

That you have such a sweet, articulate daughter says much about her mother!

Happy Mother's Day!

BTW - How was the Indie homecoming! What a nice Mother's Day gift - your whole family all together.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

kim -- i know...isn't she the sweetest!

Thank you...I am sure your doggies wish you a happy mom day too

he is home...more news later today!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

That is truly priceless. Something that should be treasured for the rest of your life. Obviously you are doing a tremendous job at this mothering gig. Who could possibly want a hallmark card after that?

I've been thinking about you today... I'm so glad Indiana Jones is home. You're one tough girl.