Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Favorite Spot on Earth

My friend, Heidi, asked me what my favorite spot on earth was and it really got me to thinkin. I know, I and thinking in the same sentence brings a little panic to people. Don't stress and get heartburn. It took me only a matter of seconds to figure it out.

This spot right here....
And if you stand right where I am and rotate a 360, you will almost weep. I can see the place where I first kissed my husband, where I got engaged, the spot I learned to ride my bike and the site I crashed my first motorcycle....into my dad's parked pick up. I can see my childhood and all my hopes and dreams. Then I start to cry. How many dreams where dreamt sitting on my parent's front porch looking out at this field. How many times did I walk to the cornfield in my underwear too? Now granted, we had to put a stop to this eventually. My poor parents. But I am carrying on the tradition with my Middle Twerp. He is living my childhood at times....riding in the corn picker, eating dirt, and putting frogs in his pockets and chasing down grand daddy long legs.
It just does not get any more peaceful than this.
So this is my favorite spot...for peace, dreams, and hope. I am so homesick. This is the spot in which I FINALLY learned how to skip. I was on my way home from the barn with my dad -- I think I was sixteen....

So this spot on my parents' farm is my favorite place on earth -- for the memories more than anything. What is yours?

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Heidi said...

I love it. Simply love it.