Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Promised Land

Update ~ This devilish dumpster cost us $325! Did you hear that? $325! I think the birth of my child was less than that.
At 9 am this morning the heavens opened forth and angels shone round our humble adobe. The answer to all my problems in life was laid at my feet when this dumpster arrived. My home was transferred into a land flowing with milk and honey. We were finally at peace.
This was the deliverer of a clutter free home for us. We were able to dispose of all those things you keep cause you never might know when you need em -- like shoe horns and cloths pins and spittoons.
Now harmony is back in our family and the birds are chirping around us.
Okay, now here is where it gets a little scary. And if you are the judging type, please read no farther (or is it further? I always get those confused).
Yes, I let my children play in the dumpster. It gave me 27.4 minutes of peace and quiet. Yes, I let them walk in the same place food juice and dead bodies have probably inhabited. And I feel no guilt. Now I did make them come outside the dumpster to sit and eat their breakfast. I mean, what kind of mother do you think I am????

Soon, they were snowboarding down the mountainous terrain of the dumpster. They had no clue this was an ironing board. They have never seen me use it. Now, they know VERY well what a Nikon SLR camera is and a Blackberry Pearl and an Espresso machine. I do have my morals people!


hope4grace said...

OMG that was awesome.........can I get that babysitter, I mean dumpster set up delivered to my house?

I'm so glad that you're keeping cool during your transfer! Keep on rocking.

Cristie said...

Hey Country Girl. I'm dying to find out where it is you're moving to. You can venture over here to good 'ol Idaho. You're welcome here. Good luck with your move.