Thursday, May 15, 2008

Road Trip

Indiana Jones and I parted ways today and I began the journey to our new residence with the three twerps. Ten minutes into the road trip they were asking questions like,

"Are we in another state yet?"
"How much longer until we get to our new house?"
"Will it take longer than 18 seconds?"

I wished at that very moment I had taken a vow to become a nun. I kid, I kid. I do wish I drove a limo so I could push the button and make that little glass partition go up. Then I could kick back, crank up a little Scorpion and Guns n Roses, and crack open a Dr P. You know what I am talking about, right? Peace and quiet....ahhhh.

A mere 350 miles later, I had driven as far as my little twerps' bottoms could take and we stopped here. This is as close to heaven as we could possibly get right now. I think we all needed a little R&R. Baby Twerp ate more pizza than a small country could ingest.
The two older twerps are STILL swimming.
And guess what your dear, sweet, obsessed, no-life Country Girl is doing?


feather k said...

Miss you guys already!

Kila said...

Now that's the way to blog!

Lane's New Day said...

Thinking of you and hopeing your trip is going well.


Treasia said...

Have a safe and uneventful trip. you know what I mean.

Heidi said...

Have a safe trip!!

ptamom3 said...

Sounds like a mini-vacation to me! Wish I was swimming with them- enjoy your free time and have a good time on the road - be careful! I know it's a long drive:)

Steve said...

Have you ever made fried green is the bomb.

I'm wearing these cool glasses but I keep bumping into things.

Oh and I'm shopping at Best Buy tonight...woo hoo...buying $70 in ink - two cartridges :(

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Wow, I don't visit for just over a week and LOTS of changes.

I pray you arrive safely at your new home. I hope you like your new home.

Which state are you venturing into now? (I'm coming home this excited...and so craving IHOP since reading the other post, lol).