Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ask Me - I'll Tell Ya

You spoke and I answered, you asked and I am tellin ya like it is. This is all I could get to today but I will post more later. I am tellin ya the hoenst to blogs truth that this is boring and mundane and you should run for the hills. Run..Run..Run...Go shave your armpits or your arms...

What is your new obsession in life?
My new obsession is stalking PreK schools for Middle Twerp. I have only been arrested once and I only have four VPOs out on me right now. I think that just because I was standing on a milk crate looking in a PreK window and had my face painted black and dressed in camo, that I was judged prematurely. And how else will I see if developmentally appropriate curriculum and standards are being adhered to?

Middle Twerp will be attending PreK this fall and I have been researching schools like CRAZY. I have created a color coded spreadsheet that can easily be sorted and compared. I have called and toured and questioned more schools that Carter has liver pills. {Who has heard that saying?} And I have narrowed it down to four. And I am on the waiting list for all four. Please pray and say Hail Mary's and rub Buddha's belly. I have baked cookies twice this week and will be volunteering (aka stalking) next week. Wish me luck!

Are you from Indiana then moved to OK, then moved back? Or are you from OK then just moved here?
I was born and raised in Southern Indiana..the land flowing with milk and honey. I moved to Oklahoma right after I turned 20 and lived there 11 years. I now moved to the deep south and long to return to the Promised Land (aka Indiana).

What's the lake you and the twerps frequent? PS - my mom is from Bartlesville, OK along with several of my other relatives who still have family there. Small world, huh!?
The lake is not in Indiana but about 10 minutes from my house in the south...where EVERYTHING is about sweet tea and the Civil War... and I am all like, "Uhm, you all like lost that war." And then they all give me the stink eye and go sit by their cannons in their front lawns.

I did some consultant work in Bville and fell in love with the schools. They are precious precious peeps.

You said you were a that you moved here, are you going to start teaching this fall, or are you now a SAHM?
I was a teacher. I molded the minds of our future. Ya sending your kids to private school now? I taught for SEVERAL years and then was an assistant principal and then worked for the State Department of Education. I loved each and every one of my jobs. I truly have a passion for public schools and believe that even with all its flaws, it is one of the best things we have going and I refuse to give up on it. My path this fall is still up in the air. Any input?

Are you and IJ going to have any more Twerps?
I want more...They are so darn cute and addictive....And I LOVE being pregnant. But now is not the right time, unless Indiana Jones talks me into it...and let me tell you I am so Fertile Myrtle. But in all seriousness, we went through some really hard times during pregnancies from miscarriages to bed rest to preterm labor to early, it is a heavy decision for us...but they are so darn cute.

Who cuts your hair? And since you just moved, who is going to cut your hair NOW?
Sheena Hair Goddess. I will drive back if I must. And I cut my own bangs weekly in front of the mirror with kitchen scissors or toe nail clippers, whichever is handy, cause I get mad.

What made you decide to adopt Eldest Twerp?

At the time she needed me, but come to find out..I needed her even more.

I was teaching at the first year...and I spoke with a social worker about a student in my class I was concerned about. She came out and interviewed me...I inquired about becoming a foster care home for a teenage boy...she called me that night with a one year old girl...she was in our home 12 days later...It took another 2 years to finalize adoption. There were some trying times, but at the end of the day I have nothing but the utmost respect for her biological family and she is the girl she is today because of them and their unselfish love.

Why did you choose the camera you own?
Okay, I researched and asked and researched some more and created flow charts and spread sheets and catacombs. And I will tell you the honest to blogs truth...Nikon...D40x...10.1 mega pixels...B&H photo online has the BEST prices and you do not have to pay tax {unless you live in NY} and get the package with 2 lenses...18-55 and 55-200 and you will use them both and feel like you have to chose between your two babies. But my dad gave me money at Christmas and I could have fed my children and given them much needed medicine and medical attention, but how would I have documented these acts without a good camera? Okay, you see my dilemma? And I think we all agree I made the right choice, I mean they lived and all. And what does not kill ya will make you stronger.

Did you have blonde hair like the twerps when you were little?

Nope. In some of my pics when I was a toddler it looks like I had strawberry blonde hair. My mom is a red head and my dad has black hair. I was destined to be a calico.

Have you ever been horseback riding?

Uhm, yes...once. When I worked at a cave. And it ran off and my head hit a branch and I cried. And my butt was sore and I looked like a rag doll and a moron. But my horse felt bad and apologized to me with a snort snot sound that sprayed my face and then he nipped my butt. It was a moment.


Working Mom said...

Aaaaaahhhh........gotcha! See I thought you moved back to Indiana from Oklahoma because I am really good at paying attention.

Scrappy Girl said...

We adopted our 2 youngest and they were our foster kids first. Don't ya just love the adoption process?! I think they have my underwear size on file still! LOL!

Jenn said...

Excellent idea on the Q&A!