Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome Home

Can anyone guess where I drove through today?Come on now. Use those eighth grade geography skills. I completely stink at geography and I had to come to grips with this horrendous truth this week. It affected me because I really truly honestly thought geography was a skill of mine -- along with nun chuck and computer hacking. But alas, I have no hope of winning any Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader TV shows. I wept. As I sat in the airport and they announced city after city, I realized I had NO CLUE what state they were located. I honestly had NEVER even heard of half the cities. I thought these cities were obscure and remote and possibly even MADE UP, because there was no way I would possibly NOT know them....I mean seriously had anyone ever heard of Peoria? or Traverse City? or how about this one....Denver? Really?So sorry, I hate it when my multiple personalities kick in. I am back. Anyway, anyone have a good guess where this pic may have been taken? I was driving back to my new home in which I have still yet to spend the night in. Let's take a look at my first night in my new home, in my new city, in my new state, in my new maladjusted life. The first thing I did was check on my babies. Who cannot be so so so excited about this bush?I want to slip a ring on her finger and make an honest woman out of her....I am in love. Just look at all of them. BEEE UUUU TIFUL
This was dinner in our new home, in our new city, in our new state...can you tell I am a little resistant to change? And speaking of change, this is not the correct seat arrangement. We all know that everyone has an assigned seat at the kitchen table and some twerps did not adhere to this assignment which threw me for a loop and I hyperventilated and passed out and then I picked myself up splashed some cold water on my face and then had to go eat outside and point westward to make everything all better. I made the big ol' home cooked meal of ham sandwiches and strawberries. I know, I overdid it. That's me, Ms. Overachiever. We then moved the party outside...Read some books...And got some much needed TLC...
It is all gonna be fine, right?


Tin Man said...

Looks like the Land Of OZ to me.
I can see the Emerald City on the distant hill!
Those strawberrys look awfully good. Hope everyone is happy in their new adventure.

Tin Man

Kalin said...

Ha, I was just in Peoria earlier today!

I love that bush. Any idea what kind it is?

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Kalin -- I thought it was a Hydranga bush....any ideas?

CindyDianne said...

It is a mop head hygrandea. As far as the particular species, I've no idea. But, it is beeeeoooootiful and I love hydrangeas!