Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Movie Schmovie...

Our new hometown has Free Family Film Festivals at our local theater every Tues - Thurs. Many theaters around the nation do this and you can click the link above to see if one is close to you. That is me, trying to help the SAHM around the world. SAHM UNITE! And if you live close maybe I can stalk you and go with you and share my Dr Pepper lip gloss with you and we can get a DP with two straws and braid each others hair. If ya want.
Basically they have two movies to chose from and it is FREE. So I thought, Why I do declare, FREE...Let's give it a try. I was smoking something. I got there 30 minutes early and this was what welcomed me.
It was like Toys R Us the day after Thanksgiving. I am so not cut out for competition.
But the doors finally opened.
And we found our FREE seats. And the children acted like complete hoodlums. This picture was not prompted AT ALL. But I did have to use the flash which caused the PACKED OUT stadium to give me the stink eye. And I acted all innocent, like OH MY WHAT WAS THAT?
So I was all embarrassed so I went to get some snacks only to realize I forgot my wallet. And I had $3.25 in change in my purse...and a small popcorn was $5.50. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! It is like capitalism or feudalism or abolitionism or microorganism. So I fed my quarters into this and we left before the movie was over. I think I will stick to the beach. It is more my style.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Yep..that's why they are "free" so they can ZAP ya at the concessions! Cute kids! Love your site!

Dana Jones said...

yah, but look what I see in your photo, the woman in a lime green shirt and baggy khaki knickers, looks confident and cool headed and looks like her daughter might be close to twerp 2's age. Did you offer her your dr pepper lip gloss? And I was curious, is this a good way to get your pepper on without consuming the calories? Cause I'm a pepper too and I have been having withdrawals since I gave up REAL pop!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Dana -- OH MY GOSH That is too funny. I actaully struck up a conversation with her and she was super nic to me until Middle Twerp threw a dinosaur on her and Baby Twerp stepped on her toes....sniffle sniffle.

Kila said...

The free movies are a great idea! And, no, I don't buy any food or drinks at the movie theatre! (Heck, I only visit one a couple/few times a year.)