Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wal Mart Treasures...Seriously

So back when life was wonderful and easy and beautiful and filled with friends and fun in Oklahoma, I never shopped at Wal Mart. As in never. Not because I am diametrically opposed to the place, but because Target was so much closer and the lover of my soul. Seriously.

But now that I have moved to the land of sweet tea and Confederate flags, Wal Mart is like 3.1 miles from my house and I found the CUTEST things there....Seriously.

Now take a look at these. I really wish I would have placed a big banana beside these so you could see their size, but they are MINI bananas -- like the cutest things since baby kittens. Things in baby form are always cuter. And these bananas pulled on my fallopian tubes. Seriously. Then I saw this. And it was one of those things you will NEVER use, but no matter the price tag you HAVE to have it. Lucky for me it was only 50 cent. Seriously.
What is it you say?

I do not know HOW I have lived my life without this. How I have gone on day after day without this in my life. This just screams my name. If the bananas were baby kittens, this was the stray that needed a home. I cannot say no to strays that need a home. As I was walking down Aisle 14D...I heard it in its adorable broken Japanese chanting "Country Girl, Country Girl." Seriously.
I have a new found respect for Wal Mart...I mean it pulls on my fallopian tubes and speaks in Japanese to me. What else could a girl ask for? Seriously!


Nicole Mc said...

omg, i almost bought baby bananas the other day. What do the taste like? bananas??? :)

Dana Jones said...

Oh I am so sorry. You're experiencing Tar-Jay withdrawals! But, I can relate. My cabin is just miles from Wally World Central and no Target has dared invade the territory. So I was noticing recently that they have more "target-ish" stuff lately too. But I get my target cravings full when I return to my city life.

Jenn said...

I never used to be a Wal-Mart shopper either, but we moved into our house and there is a Wal-Mart
.43 miles (thanks to Mapquest) from our house. As in LESS than a half mile. As in walking distance. And do you think we have WALKED there? No. Well, once. In the two years we have lived in our house. I am now at Wal-Mart at least three times a week. Not by choice - it's just convenient. And those mini-bananas ARE so cute!

Brandy said...

When we were younger, OK like 2 years ago, my 2 cousins and I made up a game while in Wal-Mart. Each of us had a $5.00 limit and you had to see who could find the dorkiest, craziest items. Now my Piranha Pocket Puzzle still holds the 1st place spot, but wind-up sushi? that would be a close call!
Yea, we are from a small town, and are easily entertained!!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Nicole -- yep, taste like bananas. I know...shocked the pee out of me too..

Ansbaughmom said...

Wind up sushi and sweet tea-who would thunk it -in the south?? Where are you South...Beach?